Sunday, February 13, 2011

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Donuts potatoes or soft donought Italian!

sono un po' storte ma le abbiamo fatte io e i bambini!!

evviva il Carnevale!!!

Premetto di adorare i dolci fritti,infatti in Carnevale per me รจ un vero disastro,riesco veramente a trattenermi a effort to address all these iperfritti sweet, sugary and delicious! One Sunday morning, thanks a time a little 'gray and cold, the children and I we got to create these wonderful pancakes! that goodness'! if a bit heated' in the micro are also good for 2-3 days and I must say that they are perfect for breakfast! the original recipe includes honey glazed and decorated with tails but I must say that I prefer only with sugar!

400 gr potatoes 350 gr
1.5 dl milk 2 eggs

25 g beer yeast 30 grams sugar

honey or sugar for the icing

cinnamon colored tails

You can cool the milk and scioglici lievito.Mescola the flour and sugar, arrange them in a fountain, creates a cavity and pour the salt latte.Aggiungi and creates a ball stara 'to lievitare.Lessa potatoes, let them cool slightly and mash them with the sbucciale schiacciapatate.Lavora incorporaci the dough and potatoes, cinnamon, two eggs and mix bene.Lascia oretta.Una rise for a time past This creates time for donuts, take the dough into pieces, roll into balls and making a hole which then widened to obtain uniformi.Friggetele donuts in hot oil, sprinkle granulated sugar or honey and many codette.Fatene! With this dose it is a beautiful platter!


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